Welcome Message from the President of the Alumni Association

Welcome to the new PT OT Alumni Association Website.  The website is an essential component of our alumni communications strategy, it will provide an important link to the social, academic, technological and political changes that are changing the role of our profession in society. Advances in mobile technology provide access to immediate global information, the website will ensure that we use technology to inform alumni of current professional advances that enrich the lives of our patients.

We hope that you will be frequent visitors to the website and that it will provide:

   a link to peers and mentors

    an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of ouralumni, faculty and students

    a source of information about our alma mater, the faculty and students

     a source of learning and continuing education

     a confirmation of the University of Toronto as a global leader

     easy access to the activities of the Alumni Association and an invitation to contribute with time and expertise to your Alumni

I look forward to meeting you on the website

Happy surfing!        http://ptotalumni.squarespace.com

 Sheila Ritcey